Adova Group, when the best bedding brands make meaningful commitments

We firmly believe in corporate social responsibility and in our ability to delivers a positive impact on society and the environment around us.

Our commitments are a guiding thread for all our brands and teams and are proof that it’s possible to strive to be the best bedding brand whilst continuing to be ethical and promoting wellness for everyone.  


Building an ethical, solidarity-based, sustainable future

Our Resources® Programme is at the heart of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy.
We do our utmost to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible by embracing sustainable practices throughout our value chain.
We are committed to acting responsibly, whether it’s for reducing our energy consumption, optimizing the use of our resources or promoting biodiversity.


Adova Group, much more than just a French industrial company, it’s a mission-driven company

As a mission-driven company, we have set ourselves a clear goal: to balance business performance and social impact.
Our mission is rooted in our DNA, and it guides all our decisions and actions.
We are committed to creating value for our stakeholders all the while complying with the highest ethical standards.


Académie du Sommeil, to better understand sleep and its challenges

The Académie du Sommeil is an initiative that we launched in 2019 to promote health and wellness through better understanding of sleep.

We firmly believe that sleep is vital for healthy, balanced life and we are committed to raising awareness and educating bedding professionals on this subject.

Through training courses, the Académie du Sommeil provides a wealth of information, of practical advice and valuable resources to help everyone better understand the importance of sleep quality and the impact sleep has on the lives of each consumer.


Bespoke bedding promoting cultural and artistic heritage through patronage and partnerships

Our patrons and partners boost our commitment to causes we care deeply about.
When it comes to promoting traditional craftsmanship, French manufacturing excellence and transmitting our heritage, our collaborations are self-evident and essential.

That’s why we actively support initiatives that have a positive impact and that share all our values.

Discover our bespoke bedding promotes cultural and artistic heritage.