Our key figures as France’s leading bedding manufacturer

Our commitment to transparency and our desire to be a real catalyst for transforming practices means that, today, we would like everyone to discover the key figures that make up Adova Group’s DNA.

We have five production sites in France.

These state-of-the-art facilities are nerve centres where we design and manufacture premium-quality bedding products.

All our sites in France are vital drivers for employment and, as such, represent 780 jobs in all.




production sites


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Our production sites

Here is the key information you need to know:

90% of production in the exceptional site in Reichshoffen is exported.

In 2021, 46% of our turnover came from countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux.

Moreover, 7% of our turnover is made in the Middle East and in Asia.

The site in Mer, on the outskirts of Chambord, is mainly dedicated to the French market, which represents 80% of our business. 20% of the production here is exported.

The site promotes partnerships with French suppliers, which represents 68% of our collaborations.
Eight of these are regional suppliers, which enables us to reduce our product shipping costs.

This site, located in Saint-Amand, is spread over an impressive 17,000 m².
Every year, we produce 55,000 premium-quality mattresses and 15,000 premium-quality bed bases here.

Although our main market is France, we also make 13% of our turnover from exports.

The facility in Bar-sur-Aube is specialized in designing and manufacturing Simmons® mattresses and bed bases, as well as sofas for the Aube Sofa brand.

Today, the facility stretches over some 24 hectares,
comprising 80,000 m² of buildings, and ensures an annual production of 180,000 mattresses, 80,000 bed based and 120,000 sofas.

Our historic site in Fougères, opened nearly 60 years ago, now employs around 90 people.

Through our annual production of 90,000 units, we continue to honour our commitment to our customers and partners.


Our key figures reflect our desire to be a leading bedding manufacturer in France and abroad and are a pledge to always strive to improve our value chain.


To this end, we continue to invest in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction in order to ensure our top-ranking position on the global bedding market.



The Group’s points of sale

We have established an extensive distribution network to meet our customers’ needs around the world.

Europe : We are present in 665 points of sale across Europe, as such ensuring our products are optimally available in many countries. Through these points of sale, we recorded overall turnover of €160M in this part of the world in 2022.

Asia : We have also extended our presence in Asia, with 87 points of sale throughout the area. This illustrates our desire to serve Asian consumers impressed by the French-style performance and quality of our bedding products.

Middle East : In this dynamic region, Adova Group pursues its development across 12 points of sale, meaning our customers have easy access to our luxury products.