As a company, we have a role to play in tackling the social and environmental challenges of our times. This is why we re-imagined our business model and decided to become a mission-driven company in November 2022.


Our purpose

Nurture our craftsmanship
and reinvent ourselves
to ensure sustainable lifestyle comfort

Adova Group’s CSR commitment:
building an ethical, solidarity-based, sustainable future

Social responsibility is at the heart of our strategy. We are highly aware of the environmental and social challenges our Planet faces and we are determined to do our part. We take a comprehensive approach to social responsibility by embracing sustainable practices across all levels of our business. This is expressed through our choice to work with eco-friendly materials, our desire to reduce our environmental footprint and our commitment to our employees and our partners.

Adova Group around the world

By combining tradition and innovation, Adova Group has nurtured its craftsmanship since its creation to become a benchmark of excellence in the realm of bedding on an international scale.

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