Adova Group Recruitment, a bridge between talent and the company

The Human Resources Department plays a central, strategic role in Adova Group. We firmly believe that creating a good working environment is vital for business and commercial efficiency in our companies and for everyone’s wellness and fulfilment.

To achieve this, we focus on the diversity of profiles, entrepreneurship culture, creativity and a desire for challenge.

By joining Adova Group, whether it’s through job openings or unsolicited applications, you will be immersed in the very heart of our expertise and will take on innovation, craftsmanship and luxury challenges. 

Adova Group is founded EN on strong core values

Here are some of the HR benefits awaiting anyone considering joining us.

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Manufacturing activities all located in France, supporting the national economy, and a CSR programme that delivers a positive impact on society and the environment. Adova is a real catalyst for transforming practices to create more sustainable industry. 

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A host
of opportunities

Various sectors, in particular traditional craftsmanship, luxury, interiors and hospitality and a presence throughout France and across the globe, ensure the Group thrives in a dynamic, multicultural environment.

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flexible team

Cross-functional business lines, teamwork, respect for professional and personal life.




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Onboarding programme, training, mobility and in-house promotion, recognition of “expert” positions, gender equality.





Unsolicited application: an initiative that’s highly encouraged

We also encourage unsolicited applications. We are fully aware that there are other highly talented people besides those who reply to specific job ads. If you are passionate, ambitious and would like to join a dynamic, diversified team, then we’d be delighted to receive your application.

Our unsolicited application process is easy and open to all. Our HR team pays particular attention to profiles that are in line with our values and our organizational needs.