Simmons®, when technology promotes the best bedding brand

The Simmons® brand, part of Adova Group, has been specialized for over 90 years in imagining innovative technology to improve sleep quality and deliver optimal comfort.

Simmons’ mattresses are handcrafted in its French facilities located in Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux and Bar-sur-Aube, and feature patented pocket springs that tailor to any body type to offer incomparable comfort.

The brand also promotes eco-friendly materials, by using organic cotton and PEFC wood from monitored, recycled sources.

In 2021 and in line with this, the brand launched its Generation® collection, comprising 100% recyclable materials made from 70% recycled components.

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Simmons®, for a more responsible outlook to sleep

Simmons® is also committed to an eco-friendly approach to protect the environment, while delivering technology and comfort on a par with consumers’ expectations.


Image - Simmons®, a high-tech brand

Simmons®, a high-tech brand

Simmons® is now acknowledged as one of the best, if not the best bedding brand on the market.

Since it was created in 1870 by Zalmon G. Simmons, the company has constantly innovated and developed novel state-of-the-art, patented technologies to offer its customers evermore restorative sleep.

Image - Simmons®, an expert and intelligent brand

Simmons®, an expert and intelligent brand

At Simmons®, we view sleep as a science based on very specific rules.

Our investment in all issues related to sleep positions us as a true sleep expert capable of offering mattresses adapted to all body types and problems.

Image - Exclusive French know-how

Exclusive French know-how

Simmons® creates and manufactures its own springs and works on all its bedding models in its French facilities. It intends to perpetuate production of its bedding in France and, as such, protect its exclusive know-how and, at the same time, play a role in developing the local economic fabric.

Image -  Protecting sleep and the environment

Protecting sleep and the environment

Here, at Simmons®, sleep quality is at the heart of its agenda. For the brand however, sleeping comfortably must not be detrimental to the environment. As such, Simmons® is committed to hands-on sustainable development initiatives, in particular by joining forces with partners involved in protecting nature.

EcoTree, a first-class partner for supporting Simmons’ values

With this in mind, Simmons® decided to work with EcoTree, a Breton startup specialized in restoring and protecting forests.
In 2023, during its ‘Yearly Series’ (Millésime) campaign, Simmons® was involved in helping restore an outstanding natural area in France.
This planting of trees promotes biodiversity and helps tackle climate change by absorbing CO2.

Simmons®, a leading bedding brand,but not only…

To make it easy for consumers to access its products, Simmons® boasts several points of sale, in particular 7 stores in Paris and Bonlieu, 1 in Lyon and 1 in Nice, and is included in department stores like the BHV and the Bon Marché.

The brand can also be found in traditional and specialized retailers making it easy for customers to find premium-quality products close to home.

Last but not least, Simmons® also sells its products via its website, a practical online shopping alternative. Thanks to its in-store and online presence, Simmons® offers easy access to its products to meet everyone’s needs.


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