Adova Group, a bedding manufacturer on the international stage

The Group and its production sites in Alsace, in the North, in Brittany and in the centre of France are recognized for their bedding expertise and are constantly committed to the quality of their products.

As such, Adova Group’s French-style craftsmanship is represented on the international stage through its four brands and its facilities’ production. Discover a few indicators below that illustrate this approach.


Alsace Bedding: renowned worldwide

As the founding site of the Tréca® brand, Alsace Bedding is recognized as a real ambassador of French-style craftsmanship in the field of bedding.

90% of the site’s production is exported to major destinations such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux. Moreover, our Tréca® products are highly-successful beyond European borders, in particular in China, Korea, the Middle East and other countries.

Through our commitment to excellence and through our international reputation, we pursue our quest to offer premium-quality mattresses that are comfortable, sustainable, stylish and highlight French-style craftsmanship around the world.


Nord Bedding: international expertise

Nord Bedding, created over 90 years ago in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, is specialized in manufacturing Simmons® products.

Our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly bedding collections have proved to be a huge success with a wide audience on the French market and abroad.

In September 2022, we opened our first international Simmons® store in Bucharest, showcasing our international expansion.

By drawing on our recognized expertise, we continue to explore new markets and to diligently develop our products. Although our main market is France, we also make 13% of our turnover from exports.


Centre Bedding: one-of-a-kind know-how dedicated to the French market

The Centre Bedding site is a key bedding sector player in France. The company, specialized in Tréca® mattresses, pursues excellence to address national market needs. The production site, located in Mer, combines craftsmanship and innovation to create luxury, comfortable and sustainable mattresses.

As the partner of choice for bedding specialists and Tréca® stores, French consumers can rest assured that the products offered are of premium quality.


Ouest Bedding: excellence for the international hospitality industry

Ouest Bedding, established in Fougères in Brittany, is recognized for its luxury bedding manufacturing dedicated to the hospitality sector. We equip the most prestigious hotels in France and around the world with bespoke products from our flagship collections such as Hotelys®, Beautyrest by Simmons® and Tréca Hôtel®, which offer comfort, style and the highest standards of quality.

Thanks to our team and our large-scale production, we are the partner of choice for hotels that wish to offer their customers an incomparable sleeping experience.

The Fougères site markets 70% of its products in France and 30% abroad, mainly to Germany, followed by Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Canary Islands and Cape Verde.