Adova Group, a forward-looking French industrial company

Adova Group is French luxury bedding manufacturer, bringing together the Tréca®, Simmons®, Hotelys® and Aube Sofa brands.

Today, the Group employs over 780 people spread over 5 production sites in France.

Adova Group stands out through its local manufacturing policy, as it focuses on local partners to promote the regional economy.

In 2022, its turnover stood at 160 million euro, reflecting its sound market position. The Group is also committed to an ambitious CSR approach through its Resources® Programme.
Thanks to this policy, the Group delivers eco-friendly solutions and innovations, tailored to individual sleeper’s needs.

The Group is proud of its traditional craftsmanship, its heritage, and focuses firmly on the future to offer its customers around the world luxury bedding products that go hand-in-hand with comfort and satisfaction.



Strong worldwide presence 


Our network in a dozen countries illustrates our customers’ trust. Adova Group focuses on its expertise to ensure all its products are available around the world. As such, private individuals and professionals alike in Europe, Asia and Africa can enjoy a host of solutions and innovations delivered by the Group’s brands.