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We consider our employees to be our greatest asset. Their mindset and their skills are the driving force behind our success and our progress.

As such, we place top priority on the quality of human relationships in our company. Together, let’s encourage success and fulfilment in Adova Group.

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Discover our recruitment process

Applicants can explore our job openings, view detailed job descriptions and easily apply online thanks to our user-friendly interface. Whether it’s for an unsolicited application or a job opening, please fill in the form and attach your CV. You’ll immediately receive a mail confirming your application has been registered.

If the recruitment is managed by an external service provider, they are responsible for shortlisting a maximum of 3 applicants per opening.

The recruitment manager contacts the shortlisted applicants as soon as possible for an interview.  

The interview takes place:

  • with the recruitment manager and then with the manager
  • or with the recruitment manager and the manager at the same time
  • perhaps also with the L+2 depending on the level of the job applied for
  • Interviews are organized as a discussion with the applicant about their professional background and their future expectations, and to check whether the applicant’s knowledge and skills are in line with what is required.

Here, at Adova, recruitment is based on assessing applicant skills, qualifications, experiences and motivation, and is not just a question of diplomas.

Once final agreement is reached, a job offer is sent to the applicant. It is a means for formalizing a number of points to which the company commits itself: job title, place of work, classification and status, remuneration, working hours and start date.

In this job offer, the applicant is also asked to send all documents required to create their record.

All the information required to prepare the administrative arrival of the new hire are sent to the Payroll Department and to the HR Manager.  

A well thought-out and structured onboarding approach ensures new hires are quickly integrated. It gives them the tools to be fully involved in the company’s day-to-day running. Here, at Adova Group, we prepare the arrival of new hires with care:

  • welcoming the new hire and handing over documents related to their arrival
  • introducing the new hire to the teams
  • allocating their equipment
  • creating their accesses
  • rolling out the onboarding programme (training if required, planned site visits, etc.)
  • feedback and end of probationary period report 

Unsolicited application: an initiative that’s highly encouraged

We also encourage unsolicited applications. We are fully aware that there are other highly talented people besides those who reply to specific job ads. If you are passionate, ambitious and would like to join a dynamic, diversified team, then we’d be delighted to receive your application.

Our unsolicited application process is easy and open to all. Our HR team pays particular attention to profiles that are in line with our values and our organizational needs.