Tréca bedding, History of the spring mattress brand (Interview with Charles Henri Déon, CEO of Tréca)
“Tréca is a contraction of TREfilerie and CAblerie. Charles Henri Déon explains that, initially, the brand manufactured steel wire for the automotive industry before moving into the manufacture of spring mattresses in 1935.
He continues: “At the end of the Second World War, General de Gaulle visited the Reichshoffen and Beaugency sites to thank the workers for their efforts at that time” (the brand had contributed to the war effort by supplying beds to the French army).
Another historical anecdote: “When Louis XIV married the daughter of the Spanish family, the Spanish family offered sheep and that’s how Mérinos d’Arles wool started to be produced in France. This wool has better technical qualities than today’s artificial materials.”